$149 PK perfect YEEZY BOOST 750 gray glow 38.5-48



Ship without the original shoes box Kaleta Dhgate payment link: https://www.dhgate.com/product/ky9-kaleta-payment-750-true-to-size-send/467363649.html "Contact us: →WhatsApp: +86-18150663681 ← Instagram: →kaletayeezys ← YouTube: →Kaleta Yeezy← Wechat: kaletayeezy Email:kaletayeezy@gmail.com Top quality sneaker Yupoo link: http://kaletakicks.x.yupoo.com 女码(Female Size) US5=UK3 1/2=FR36=JP220=CHN220 US5 1/2=UK4=FR36 2/3=JP225=CHN225 US6=UK4 1/2=FR37 1/3=JP230=CHN230 US6 1/2=UK5=FR38=JP235=CHN235 US7=UK5 1/2=FR38 2/3=JP240=CHN235 US7 1/2=UK6=FR39 1/3=JP245=CHN240 US8=UK6 1/2=FR40=JP250=CHN245 男码(Male Size) US7=UK6 1/2=FR40=JP250=CHN245 US7 1/2=UK7=FR40 2/3=JP255=CHN250 US8=UK7 1/2=FR41 1/3=JP260=CHN255 US8 1/2=UK8=FR42=JP265=CHN260 US9=UK8 1/2=FR42 2/3=JP270=CHN265 US9 1/2=UK9=FR43 1/3=JP275=CHN265 US10=UK9 1/2=FR44=JP280=CHN270 US10 1/2=UK10=FR44 2/3=JP285=CHN275 US11=UK10 1/2=FR45 1/3=JP290=CHN280 US11 1/2=UK11=FR46=JP295=CHN285 US12=UK11 1/2=FR46 2/3=JP300=CHN290 US12 1/2=UK12=FR47 1/3=JP305=CHN290 US13=UK12 1/2=FR48=JP310=CHN295 US13 1/2=UK13=FR48 2/3=JP315=CHN300 US14=UK13 1/2=FR49 1/3=JP320=CHN305 "

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